Current Series

Facts or FRiction: Finding Hope In Challenging Times

In challenging times, our perspective can become clouded. What seems to be true might simply be the result of friction in our lives. God can help us to see clearly and provide direction as he guides us through the stress and the struggles. Join us for our new sermon series as we learn to find God in times of friction and overcome the obstacles.

Common Denominator

In a world that is increasingly divided, it is important that Christians around the globe do the hard work of allowing Jesus to be their common denominator. The culture would encourage division over race, but Jesus invites us to be united in love. The culture divides over politics, but followers of Jesus are united under a heavenly kingdom. There are endless divides within religion, but Jesus offers a grace that brings unity. Join us for the next three weeks as we find Jesus in every situation/circumstance.

The Gifts of Christmas!

This Christmas, celebrate the greatest gifts we could ever be given.  Jesus’s birth changed everything and brings us hope, love, joy, and peace even today!