Is Jesus Really Alive? Exploring the Evidence

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Hello Redemption Rock!

I was reading through some of my sermons from Sundays past, and I came across a sermon series that I preached several years ago.  The series was called "Life's Most important Questions!" and I remember how much fun it was to research the answers to many of life's most important questions.  So, I think I'll work at using some of those sermons and condense the material and offer you some answers to questions you may be asking yourself.  Would you do me a favor and share these blog posts with your friends who might be asking the same questions as you are?  Thanks!  I love being your pastor! 

Ya know, in our journey of faith, we often encounter questions that challenge our beliefs and deepen our understanding of God's truth.  Today, I want to delve into a question that most of us have probably asked: "Is Jesus Really Alive?"  This question not only echoes through the corridors of history but also reverberates in the depths of our hearts.

To begin, please consider the remarkable story of Sir Lionel Luckhoo, renowned as the most successful defense attorney in history.  His unparalleled success in the courtroom, highlighted by 245 consecutive murder charge acquittals, is astounding to say the least!  What set him apart?  Astute intelligence, profound analytical skills, and a mastery of compelling evidence.  Yet, amidst his legal triumphs, Sir Luckhoo embarked on a spiritual quest that led him to a profound conclusion: the resurrection of Jesus Christ stands as an irrefutable truth, supported by overwhelming evidence.

But what are these undeniable facts?  Well, let's uncover them together:

1. Jesus died and was buried:  Confirmed by Roman soldiers and Joseph of Arimathea.
2. The tomb was sealed and guarded:  Roman soldiers secured the tomb, ensuring its integrity.
3. The tomb was found empty three days later:  Witnesses, including Peter and John, attest to the vacant tomb.
4. Witnesses claimed to have seen the risen Jesus: Over 500 eyewitnesses encountered the resurrected Christ.
5. Christianity was founded on this claim alone:  The disciples boldly proclaimed the resurrection, even in the face of persecution.
6. The disciples died as martyrs:  Their unwavering faith, even unto death, underscores the reality of Christ's resurrection.

These non-disputed facts illuminate the undeniable truth: Jesus Christ conquered death, validating His divinity and His love for humanity.  But what significance does this hold for us today?

First, it affirms that God is in control.  God is sovereign over all things!  Despite life's uncertainties, we find solace in God's omnipotence, evidenced by His resurrection power.  Secondly, it assures us that God's promises are true.  Just as Jesus fulfilled His promise of resurrection, He remains faithful to His promises of salvation and eternal life.  Lastly, it reveals the depth of God's love for us.  Through Jesus' sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection, we experience the boundless love that surpasses all understanding.

If all of this is new to you or if you've struggled to put your faith in Jesus as your Savior and Lord, then I want to extend an invitation to you to embrace this truth that Jesus is alive.  If you've yet to experience the transformative power of Christ's resurrection in your life, I invite you to open your heart to Him today. Simply acknowledge your need for Him, confess your sins, and receive His gift of salvation.  Let His love and grace illuminate your path and fill your heart with joy unspeakable.

Thanks for reading my blog and I invite you to add a comment.  What do you think about the truth that indeed Jesus is alive?  Please let me know your thoughts.

Talk to you later!

Pastor Mike