The Agony of Surrender!

Posted by Mike Pratt on

Last Sunday we started the series called "The Road to Redemption" in recognition of Jesus' journey to the cross.  Last Sunday's message was called "The Agony of Surrender" and it highlighted the importance of our surrender to the Father's will as disciples of Christ.  Here's a brief summation of that message in case you missed it or if you need a little reminder...

In today's world, the desire for control often dominates our lives.  We strive to steer our own course, clinging tightly to the reins of our existence.  But amidst this struggle for control lies a very real truth: the call to surrender.  Surrender, especially to God, is strange and it challenges our innate desire for autonomy.  We say, perhaps only in our own heads, "I need a little control over the things in my life God!"  It's a battle within ourselves, a tension between maintaining control and letting go, trusting in someone greater than ourselves; trusting in almighty God!

As disciples of Christ, our surrender to God's will is foundational.  Jesus exemplified this in the Garden of Gethsemane, where He was faced with the prospect of excruciating death and the weight of the sin of the world upon his shoulders, yet He submitted to the Father's will.  Christ's surrender wasn't resignation on His part, it was active trust—a choice to embrace God's plan over His own desires.

The call to discipleship echoes Jesus' words from Matthew 16:24-26: deny oneself, take up the cross, and follow Him.  It's a paradoxical path which defies the world's logic.  Yet, by surrendering our lives to Christ, we discover true life.  Surrendering one's life to God's will isn't defeat; it's liberation—a daily decision to align our will with God's.

Jesus' agony in Gethsemane illustrates the cost of discipleship—embracing trials, challenges, and suffering for His sake.  His surrender wasn't passive; it was a deliberate choice, marked by agony and absolute trust.  In the same way, our surrender isn't weakness but a declaration of trust in God's goodness.

Paul explains surrender more in the section of the Bible called Philippians.  He shows us Jesus' humility and obedience to the Father's will.  Surrender isn't optional for the disciple of Christ; it's essential!  It's a continuous posture of humility and obedience.  It challenges our notions of power and autonomy, leading us to true freedom and purpose in God.

So, I invite you to embrace surrender to God's will in your life.  Don't see it as loss but as gain.  Trust in God's plans, let go of control, and step into the fullness of life found in Christ.  Surrender isn't a one-time decision but a daily practice—a continual laying down of our lives at the feet of our Savior.

What do you think about surrender as it pertains to your life?  Are you a disciple of Jesus and do you struggle with surrendering your will to God's will?  Let me know what you think.  Maybe your insights will help someone else!

Talk to you later!

Pastor Mike